Book Review: American Antigone

Matt Archbold, of Creative Minority Report fame, recently published his first novel American Antigone, and it’s a humdinger (Do people still use that word? No? They oughta be). Matt’s book tackles the defining cultural issue in present-day America: abortion. Loosely based on Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone”, he updates the tale, telling the story of a young … Continue reading “Book Review: American Antigone”

Sin Is a Seed Trap

I have a rampant chipmunk infestation in the backyard. It’s a veritable country club. Cute critters, but critters nonetheless, constantly raiding the bird feeders, being destructive, and making a nuisance of themselves. Once a year, I set out a seed trap: bucket or pail mostly filled with water, and a layer of bird seed spread … Continue reading “Sin Is a Seed Trap”

PARISH REPORT: Diocese Says EMHC Unemployment Rate May Hit 100%

(ACMPress) WALLA WALLA – A spokeswoman from the Diocese of Walla Walla announced that, as parishes resume public Masses, the unemployment rate for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may likely hit 100%. “It’s a sad situation,” spokeswoman Kno Mo Whyyn told ACMPress. “As public Masses restart, at reduced capacity and Holy Communion being offered only … Continue reading “PARISH REPORT: Diocese Says EMHC Unemployment Rate May Hit 100%”

Mr. Catholic Decides to Let Jesus Save the Catholic Church

Mr. Catholic stunned all of Catholicism when he tweeted out his decision to allow Jesus Christ to save the Catholic Church. Responding to the May 17th tweet, Jesus admitted the declaration caught him unawares. “Only I can save it? It’s up to me┬ánow?” the Second Person of the Trinity asked, with an exasperated sigh. “I … Continue reading “Mr. Catholic Decides to Let Jesus Save the Catholic Church”

Will Children’s Liturgies Fall Victim to COVID19?

As dioceses resume public Masses resume throughout the country, safeguards to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are being implemented: no sign of peace; no hand-holding during the Our Father; social distancing; no holy water in the fonts; reduced capacity. And please God, the death of the Children’s Liturgy. I’ve never understood why parents were encouraged … Continue reading “Will Children’s Liturgies Fall Victim to COVID19?”

PARISH REPORT: Pastor Fills Fonts With Blessed Hand Sanitizer

(ACMPress) GRAND RAPIDS – In anticipation of the public Mass restriction being lifted soon across the diocese, Fr. Mike Robial, the pastor at Our Lady of Good Hygiene, has devised a clever way for returning parishioners to protect themselves from the coronavirus. He’s filling the holy water fonts with blessed hand sanitizer. “I received a … Continue reading “PARISH REPORT: Pastor Fills Fonts With Blessed Hand Sanitizer”


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