Book Review: American Antigone

American Antigone Catholic Abortion Fiction

Matt Archbold, of Creative Minority Report fame, recently published his first novel American Antigone, and it’s a humdinger (Do people still use that word? No? They oughta be).

Matt’s book tackles the defining cultural issue in present-day America: abortion. Loosely based on Sophocles’ tragedy “Antigone”, he updates the tale, telling the story of a young pro-life woman with strong convictions, and how her actions impact every possible sphere: the Church, politics, the media, and society at large.

Per the book’s blurb:

“The actions of a young woman to honor her aborted brother ignite a national firestorm that changes the lives of everyone involved. American Antigone is a roller coaster ride of life-and-death encounters, a media firestorm, and a tale of grace and conversion.”

Matt draws upon his experience and knowledge in journalism, local politics, the Catholic Church, and the pro-life community to craft believable, sympathetic, flawed characters on both sides of the issue – not an easy thing to do. The story rushes towards its inevitable conclusion that is both satisfying and frustrating – a true reflection of what those who work to end this pernicious scourge see every day.

This is a great debut novel, and I hope he has more stories to write – he has always been a great storyteller, as evidenced by the many amusing tales of family life he’s chronicled at CMR. If you’re not reading his blog or this book, you should be.

NOTE: I’ve known Matt for many years through our respective blogs. I have great respect for him. I purchased American Antigone, and I wasn’t paid or compensated in any way for this review.

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