Jesus, Easter, and Social Distancing

Social distancing and self-isolation rules means no public Easter Masses this year. Very sad, and it will be a strange feeling watching a live stream Mass on the most important day in the Church’s liturgical calendar. It may feel like a perpetual Holy Saturday.

If you think about it, Jesus practiced social distancing immediately after the Resurrection – told Mary Magdalene “do not touch me yet!” The quarantine wasn’t lifted until he appeared to the apostles that evening. So there’s hope.

Right now we are all Mary Magdalene, forbidden from touching Him for the time being. In a couple weeks, we will proclaim “Alleluia, He is risen!” with our lips and with our hearts, in truth and in spirit, in the privacy of our homes, either alone or with family. The Good News of Jesus’ resurrection doesn’t cease to be Good News because of sucky present-day circumstances. It’s an eternal and everlasting Truth, not bound by time, space, nor self-isolation. And once the quarantine ends, we will be given the opportunity to boldly proclaim the Good News to friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Let’s not waste it.

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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