Survey: People Leaving Musicals Before Final Number are Exclusively Catholics

ACMPress – New York – Broadway theatre owners and managers conducted a survey of their patrons this past June, and discovered that those who leave musical performances just prior to the final number are exclusively Catholic.

While the percentage of patrons who exit early is extremely small, 99.1% of them identified as Catholic.

According to one theatre manager, the two most popular reasons for leaving before the final curtain are “Beating the traffic out of the parking lot”; and “Had another event scheduled right after”.

One manager told ACMPress he was extending the benefit of the doubt. “I’ll cut ’em some slack. Their parish Mass probably resembles a Broadway production, and they couldn’t tell the difference.”

The remaining %0.9 identified as Baptist, indicating on the survey they were afraid they were recognized during intermission by someone who knew them.

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Photo credit: Randy Le’Moine Photography on / CC BY

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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