PARISH REPORT: Man Wears Veil to TLM to Avoid Seeing Women Wearing Pants

ACMPress – SAN ANTONIO – Seymour Heere created a bit of a stir at the Sunday 11:00 AM Tridentine Rite Mass at Sts Bausch & Lomb when he arrived wearing a veil, completely covering his face. Women veil at Mass in order to show humility before Christ, but this was the first time a man had ever worn one.

Heere told ACMPress he wore the veil in the off-chance any women in attendance were wearing pants, rather than skirts or dresses.

“It’s a custody of the eyes thing,” he explained, “and rather than fall into sin by accidentally seeing a woman wearing pants walk down the aisle, or sit nearby, I decided to wear the veil to protect my soul from eternal damnation.”

Some male parishioners thought Heere had a good idea, and a few considered getting ones for their sons.

“From time to time, women show up wearing pants,” one father said. “We can’t turn them away from assisting at Mass, unfortunately, so veiling my sons would be an effective way to resist temptation.”

Several women also applauded Heere’s choice to veil.

“He’s exactly the sort of man I would want my daughter to marry,” one mother said. “Mature, respectful, and knows how to keep us women in our place.”

“I’m not trying to tell women how to dress or anything,” he said. “I simply admit that I view women as merely sex objects, and rather than change my attitude, it’s easier to not even look at them.”

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Photo credit: Loozrboy on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA (modified by A Catholic Misfit)

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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