PARISH REPORT: Local Man Awarded Purple Heart for Injuries Sustained During War on Christmas

[ACMPress] RICHMOND – St Patton’s Knights of Columbus chapter awarded parishioner Lou Tennant a Purple Heart for injuries sustained during the War on Christmas, after Sunday’s 10:45 Mass.

Tennant, a lifelong parishioner of St Patton’s, told ACMPress he was honored to receive the award.

“Just doing my duty, nothing special,” he said. “I was mall-walking just after Thanksgiving when I saw a store employee hanging a ‘Season’s Greetings’ sign. I told him he should hang one that says ‘Merry Christmas’. And he gives me the finger. Hurt me. Real bad. But I hung in there, told him I was gonna boycott his store, and that’s when he hit me with a second finger.”

He said he didn’t do it for the recognition. “I didn’t ask to be a hero. I was just standing up for what’s right.”

Several parishioners said it was an honor to witness the medaling ceremony.

“Brought a tear to my eye,” one man said. “I lost an uncle during the War on Christmas back in ’14. He got hit over the head with a copy of Bodie Hodge’s War on Christmas book by an angry Barnes & Noble employee, so I know what Lou’s endured.”

A woman said she’s encouraged by men like Tennant. “His example shows that the War on Christmas will only get worse. I hope my sons grow up to be half the man he is, provided we haven’t lost the war by then.”

Tennant said he missed four weeks of mall walking due to the injury. “The medic said my feelings would heal just fine, but I wasn’t cleared to return to the front until just before Christmas.”

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Photo credit: 807MCDS on / CC BY

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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