PARISH REPORT: Alleged Advent Wreath Vandalism Ruled as Pinterest Fail

[ACMPress] DAYTON – After a thorough investigation, Dayton police have ruled that a destroyed Advent wreath at Our Lady of Essential Oils parish was the result of a Pinterest fail, and not a deliberate act of vandalism.

“Forensic evidence points to an extremely poor attempt to recreate an Advent wreath seen on Pinterest, than to a deliberate act of vandalism,” Detective Seymour Heere told ACM Press.

Ms. Moira Loess, a longtime member of the parish, had made the wreath and donated it last Thursday. When the church was opened Friday morning for Mass, the wreath was found scattered across the sanctuary. Police were called in to investigate.

Ms. Loess was devastated, but is glad no one purposefully harmed her wreath. “It’s a relief knowing me and my wreath are not victims in the ongoing war on Christmas.”

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Photo credit: goforchris on / CC BY-ND

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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