Boston Area Parish’s Nativity Scene Puts Jesus in a Cage

This isn’t the parish creche – image usage rules don’t allow me to post the actual nativity scene.

Just when you thought Christmas couldn’t possibly be politicized more, a Boston-area parish has told everybody, “Here. Hold my beer”.

Their nativity scene depicts the baby Jesus inside a cage. 

CBS Boston has the story (images at the site):

DEDHAM (CBS) – It’s an unconventional take on the nativity scene at St. Susanna’s Parish Dedham. The baby Jesus is in a cage, the wise men are closed off by a wall.

For the parish, the crèche is meant to be thought provoking. “We try to take a picture of the world as it is and put it together with a Christmas message,” said Pastor Fr. Stephen Josoma.

That message this year questions “peace on earth”, since Jesus represents migrant children being held at the southern border separated from their parents.

The wise men are the caravan of migrants behind the border wall. They believe it’s very much the message of Jesus. “Jesus was about taking care of one another. This is not the way to take care of one another,” said Fr. Josoma.

Parishioner Phil Mandeville says Jesus was no stranger to politics. “Christ was political, he was hung on a cross for making political statements and bucking authority and that’s exactly why he died,” Mandeville said.

This has to be the dumbest nativity scene ever. And there have been a lot of dumb nativity scenes over the years. I always thought the Christmas message was to change the world, not represent it. Come on, the Holy Family weren’t immigrants – they returned to Joseph’s hometown of Bethlehem because of the census decree. They belonged there. Kinda like when you or I go visit family over the holidays. And the Wise Men represent the caravan of migrants? That’s weird – I thought they came bearing gifts, not seeking asylum or jobs. And what gifts are caravan migrants bearing, exactly? 

I get that the pastor and parish want to raise awareness to an important current issue, and are attempting to be provocative with their creche. You’d think, though, that God taking on human flesh, coming as a babe, to save humanity from sin and death, was provocative enough. Apparently that’s not so important for some Catholics.

Catholics like Fr. Josoma and Phil Mandeville.

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 Photo credit: Art4TheGlryOfGod on / CC BY-ND

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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