Reminding Myself of the Mission

Hey, remember me? Perhaps you’ve noticed – or maybe you haven’t – but A Catholic Misfit has been super quiet the past month or three. I apologize for the lacktivity. It’s neither a sign I’m finished with blogging, nor an indication I’m lagging in faith. There are several reasons why, but the two most prevalent reasons are, a) the Church has become a total joy suck. And b) I’m tired of Catholics, I’m tired of social media, and I’m especially tired of Catholic social media. All of which points back to reason a).

It’s difficult finding humor in the faith – and I know it can be found, having written it for over a decade – when the predominant emotions in Catholic social media cycle through outrage, fear, hostility, doom, and nastiness, and then back again.

All the more reason to staying committed to A Catholic Misfit and The Catholic Conspiracy. Someone has to be be ridiculously rational during this journey through the Land of Suck, right? Nearly everybody else has lost their mind. Lord knows there’s more to Catholic blogging than calling other people heretics, anti-popes, and enemies of the faith. Yes, we’re engaged in spiritual warfare, but holy combox excommunications, Batman, do so many people have to be somber and agitated all.the.time? Satan hates peaceful, joyful warriors.

Which is why we launched The Catholic Conspiracy, if you recall. Ask any of the other writers, and every one of them will tell you yes, the Church is in crisis, and it hurts. Terribly. But they will also say, to a person, that making Catholicism real in the every day is the better portion. Writing on the beauty of the faith far outweighs merely pointing out the evil. Writing on the joys and hopes, especially in the midst of struggle, is far more powerful than adding to the despair. Writing on being Jesus for others, on seeing Jesus in others, is far more important than seeing Satan in others. Being Catholic is tough enough without contributing to the weight of others’ crosses. That’s not what we do here. We want to be Simon of Cyrene. We want to be holy. We want to be saints.

And we want that for each of you.

Tolkien once wrote that he doesn’t expect history to be anything but a “long defeat”, though it contains some glimpses of final victory. TCC’s goal is to provide such glimpses while on the journey to history’s end, offering you beauty, art, humor, joy, love, and culture.

And a fair bit of satire and bad puns, too.


p.s. If you aren’t reading the other TCC writers, why not?

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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