PARISH REPORT [Late Edition]: Communion Confusion Erupts Due to Absent Usher

[ACMPress] – PALM SPRINGS – Reports from Sts Abbott and Costello, located outside Palm Springs, CA, indicate that nearly 50 parishioners didn’t receive Holy Communion because the usher assigned to their section failed to show up.

Several parishioners spoke with ACMPress after the 11:00 AM Mass. Each confirmed their usher was present during the collection, but he didn’t return for Holy Communion.

“I was confused, unsure what to do,” one woman said. “Ushers guided other sections for communion, but no one ever came to help us.”

“At one point, I said to myself, screw it, I’m gonna get communion,” a man said. “But then common sense took over, so I stayed put.”

“I kept thinking, someone is bound to come, right?” a second man asked. “I even considered doing the ushering myself, but I haven’t been properly trained.”

Head usher Stan Yerpugh told ACMPress this was unprecedented, and he regrets some parishioners didn’t receive communion, but he was relieved no chaos broke out. “I’m grateful no one attempted to take matters into their own hands, and leave their seat without an usher’s help. Who knows what might have happened otherwise. It could have gotten ugly real quick.”

Yerpugh said The Usher Committee is investigating why the section usher didn’t show up, and has assured the parish that policies will be put in place to prevent this from happening in the future. One unconfirmed rumor is the absent usher was arranging bulletins in the gathering space at the time.

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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