Homeless Detroit Man Given Proper Burial Thanks to Unlikely Friend

One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is “Bury the dead”. Tiffany Brocker, a Catholic mom of six from St. Clair Shores, selflessly did just that for Gordon King, a homeless man in Detroit. The two had been friends the past six years. What a fantastic woman. What a wonderful story.

Truly, this is the most beautiful thing you will read today, tomorrow, and all of next week.

From The Detroit News:

At a corner near Interstate 75 in downtown Detroit, an unlikely friendship developed six years ago between Tiffany Brocker, a mother of six children, and Gordon King, who was homeless.

The two saw each other daily and developed a bond. What happened next was worthy of an O. Henry story: King disappeared. Brocker found out that he’d died. When his family couldn’t be found, she gave him a memorial and a final resting spot.

“I don’t know Gordy’s favorite color or favorite childhood memory,” Brocker said Thursday during the eulogy she wrote for him. “What I do know is that he was a child of God, and that we were meant to meet.”

The story began when Brocker, 47, had moved to the city with her family and drove to the suburbs each day for her retail job. During her first commutes, she noticed King at the corner of Chrysler Drive and Larned Street, and rolled down the window of her car. She gave him a few dollars and said she would pray for him. King thanked her, flashed a smile and told her he would pray for her too.

She brought him breakfast from Tim Hortons and warm gear as the winter approached. He comforted her with a hug and prayers when he saw her sobbing in a gas station on her way to her dying father’s bedside.

Read the whole thing. Grab some tissues.

God bless Tiffany Brocker and Gordon King.

Photo credit: Mike Boening Photography on Visual Hunt /CC BY

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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