PARISH REPORT: Marijuana Legalization Lights Way for New High Mass at Reno Church

[ACMPress] – RENO – Parishioners at St Mary Jane church outside Reno, NV, will be able to enjoy spiritual highs that go beyond profound religious experiences, thanks to their pastor introducing a ‘marijuana Mass’ on Sunday evenings, at 4:20 PM.

When Nevada legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016, Fr Ken Abeece recognized an opportunity to evangelize, as well as give Mass-goers a deeper, more active experience. Two years later, it’s no longer a pipe dream.

“Like, we have to reach those on the fringes, like Pope Francis says,” he told ACMPress. “The potheads, stoners, airheads, waste-oids, tokers, users, growers – they’re all on the periphery, man. This Mass will be like a totally rad outreach,  where they’ll feel welcome. I’m hoping that when they come to Mass, they’ll be like, ‘Whoaaaa, dude!!’, and consider learning more about the Catholic faith. A lotta users don’t come to church because they feel judged. These masses will, like, not make them feel bad about themselves.”

Fr Abeece says the Mass will be by the rubrics, making assurances the incense will meet state-regulated standards. “I’m thinking of changing the Kiss of Peace to, like, include passing around a joint. After Mass, Doritos and White Castle sliders will be served in the parish hall, or what I like to call The Choom Room, because, like, everyone will have a serious case of the munchies.”

The mass will be added to the regular weekend schedule starting the first Sunday of September.

Photo credit: eggrole on Visual hunt / CC BY

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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