ACM Presents: Scenes from Patrick Stewart’s New Star Trek Series

Well, not exactly. What I’ve got is a post originally published in 2011, one of my favorite and most popular AoftheA posts ever. You long-time readers will instantly recognize this classic. For you newbies….this is from a time when Catholic blogging was a lot of fun. Collegial even. Plus, it’s from when I had waaaaay too much time on my hands.

So while it’s true Patrick Stewart will play Jean-Luc Picard in an upcoming Star Trek series, there are no advance scenes. They haven’t developed a title or issued a release date either. That’s okay, though – it’s not gonna stop me from having a little fun in the meantime.

So, to commemorate the announcement, ACM presents “Star Trek TNG: To Blog Where No One Has Blogged Before” (or, “What I Really Think About Patheos”) [original title]

All images property of A Catholic Misfit. Please ask before stealing.

Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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