SCOTUS Pick Kavanaugh Honored to be Latest in Long Line of Judicial Disappointments

[ACMPress] – WASHINGTON – Justice Brett Kavanaugh, nominated to the US Supreme Court by President Trump on Monday July 9, expressed his gratitude at being the latest in a long line of nominees who will ultimately disappoint just about everybody during his time on the bench, should the Senate confirm him to the highest court in the land.

“It’s an unbelievable honor to be standing upon the shoulders of great justices such as Earl Warren, Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter, and many others who disappointed nearly the entire nation in one way or another with their rulings and decisions,” he told ACMPress this morning.

“I’m thankful to President Trump for giving me the opportunity to, eventually without a doubt, give him reasons to wonder why he ever nominated me,” he added, “as well as strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of conservatives and the Republican establishment. And it’s a privilege to be given the chance to rankle Senators Schumer, Durbin, and Feinstein and the entire liberal establishment with sound, originalist decisions. It’s every Supreme Court justice’s dream.”

Organizations of every political stripe and social cause took to the Internet immediately following Kavanaugh’s nomination to strongly express their opinions, ranging from praise and adulation, to abject fear and horror that civilization was surely about to end. Sometimes those stark differences even crossed party lines.

“Knowing I will cause arguments and divides among the millions of US Constitution experts on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook is, quite simply, the highest of honors any man could hope to achieve,” he said. “But that’s how one carries on this great American tradition of bipartisan jurisprudence.”

Photo credit: Phil Roeder on Visualhunt / CC BY

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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