Baptist Church Removes Remaining 66 Books from Bible for Being ‘Too Catholic’

[ACMPress] – RED BANK, SC – Just days after voting to have a statue of Jesus removed from their church, the members of the Red Bank Baptist Church voted to remove the remaining 66 books of the Bible for also being ‘too Catholic’.

“We’ve decided as a congregation to remove the remaining books of Holy Scripture because too many passages, chapters, and quotations are perceived as supporting Catholic claims, causing confusion,” according to part of a letter church leaders issued to the membership, as obtained by ACMPress.

“Once we determined that the statue of Jesus – despite having been here for eleven years – was too Catholic in nature, we took it upon ourselves to review everything else that might remind us of Catholicism,” the letter further stated. “We’ve come to the conclusion that while Holy Scripture is not entirely a Catholic icon, many people might perceive it in these terms. As a result, it is bringing into question the theology and core values of Red Bank Baptist Church.”

Red Bank Baptist Church has not announced what texts it will use during services moving forward, but a shipment of Rob Bell books was seen being delivered yesterday afternoon.

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

7 thoughts on “Baptist Church Removes Remaining 66 Books from Bible for Being ‘Too Catholic’”

  1. Hmm , it is stranger and unbelievable to seeing some people hate Jesus and worse His mother(Mary), while same people call themselves Christian. Whether they like it or not the whole Holy Bible is Catholic, how many of them ran away from Catholic Church still are struggling to keep united as one ! Catholic Church is holy and Apostolic, funded by the Lord Himself.
    They can remove /reject Jesus crucifixion, statue etc.the fact remains:All creatures will bow their knee before Him (Jesus)


    1. No it is not. It has been infiltrated and substitutes the only true Mediator with the Father (Jesus Christ) with Mary and man (pope/father). The catholic rituals were never instructed in the Word. Amos 5:21 comes to mind.


      1. Oh, baloney. Enough time online with these same tired arguments and it’s clear problem is not with Catholic church, but authority in general.

        But they put *Peter* in charge of the church and he’s bozo! (He still is, by the way). Let’s see if we can find Bible passage that gives us leave to ignore him. Okay, that that failed. We’ll just use blinking lights while read and claim we’re “reading” the Bible correctly.

        The entirety of the Catholic Church is based in the Bible, right down to the Hail Mary prayer. In order to think like this, you have to ignore passages like:

        -Jesus giving authority to Peter
        -Passages describing the last supper and it’s transformation into the body and blood of Christ
        -Passages making it clear that eating the body and blood of Christ is part of salvation
        -Passages sanctioning the use of anointing of oils

        Every single official sacrament of the Catholic Church is based in the Bible and there’s surprisingly little to do with Mary, given the Baptist obsession with her.

        In other words, the list of what “Biblical” Christians ignore from the Bible is endless and then basically they have to come up with strawman Catholic in order to reject Catholicism. Because you know what — if you don’t want to pray to Mary in particular as a Catholic, you don’t have to. Never. Not once. Rosaries are optional, personal devotions that ask Mary to pray for sinners, nothing more. Mass and all the sacraments are about Christ, not that information appears in the pamphlets.


  2. The Orthodox and Catholic churches are the true APOSTOLIC CHURCHES found by our Lord Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Then in 1052 AD the Catholic and Orthodox churches went their own paths due to certain theological differneces. Unfortunately branches of man made churches spreadiing their own heresies came up of which the Baptist church, Jehovahs, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormons and many other such groups fall into. Christ warned the people of his time that many will come in his name but you must be on guard for their come as “sheep in wolves clothing”. Such groups are nice on the outside but their heart and mind are like wolves who want to carry away Christ’s flock.
    So my plea those who are not part of the Apostolic churches is to come back to the fold and not to be lead astray by individuals who are spreading their heresies.
    With love and prayers


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