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Welcome to A Catholic Misfit, and the Obligatory Introduction Post.

Hi. My name is Larry Denninger, and I am a Catholic writer. I’ve been one for the past ten years, writing at the world’s most famous blog no one’s ever heard of, Acts of the Apostasy. I published under a quasi-pseudonym, LarryD. The site was a fun blend of humor, satire, and commentary, wholly and committedly Catholic. AoftheA was where I could express my love for Jesus and the Catholic Church in my personal, (sometimes) snarky fashion, and defend/explain Church teaching. I pushed the occasional envelope, poked the odd hornet nest, and rattled a cage here and there during those ten years, netting more than a million page views. During that time, I’ve come to meet and know many other Catholic writers, enjoying their work while wishing I could write half as well as many of them. Some of them have become friends. A number of those writers have their sites and blogs hosted here at The Catholic Conspiracy (check them out – they’re fantastic).

But all good things must end. Gone are the lions and the puppets. It’s time to close that carnival, and roll out a new circus. AoftheA was LarryD’s. A Catholic Misfit is Larry Denninger’s. Is ACM going to be drastically different? Time will tell, I suppose. After all, I’m the same guy, just with a longer last name. One hopes that with age comes wisdom, so we’ll see. There’s a place online for satire and parody, and I truly hope you find it (The Onion and Babylon Bee are two fantastic places to visit, btw). The old site had run its course; its time had passed.

This doesn’t mean I’ve lost my sense of humor, or put it aside. It simply means I’ve discovered a greater sense of joy. Over the past few years, I’ve deepened my relationship with Jesus Christ – through His Catholic Church – which has inspired me to step into the light. Don’t expect Parish Reports and inside baseball, but trust me – ACM won’t be boring and stiff. Read the tag line on the header image if you doubt me.

So hi! Those of you who’ve been reading me for years at AoftheA – now you know me. Thanks for sticking around. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me – I’m sure the asshat in me will push an envelope often enough. Those of you new to the island – welcome! There’s plenty of room for all you misfits.

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Author: thelarryd

LarryD resides in Michigan.

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